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Press Release - Network Rail orders 500 railfocX GSM-R radios

June 2014

GSM-R railfocX Network Rail orders 500 railfocX® GSM-R radiosRail Live 2014, Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom – Hima-Sella is pleased to announce thatNetwork Rail has ordered 500 Funkwerk operational-mode handheld railfocX® GSM-R radios for useon the UK’s railways.


The railfocX® is a versatile handheld digital radio which, in 2012, was awarded compliance byTÜVRheinland® against the GSM-R functional and system specification requirements within theEuropean Integrated Railway Radio Enhanced Network (EIRENE); itself concerned with interoperabilityof the rail system within the European Community.


Richard Shaw, Hima-Sella’s Rail Systems Account Manager, comments: “We’re thrilled to havereceived this order for 500 GSM-R radios, as it follows an extensive trial period during which NetworkRail put 50 handsets through their paces - evaluating them for their functionality as communicationdevices as well as their durability, screen brightness and ease-of-use with gloves.”


All 500 railfocX® GSM-R radios, some of which Network Rail has already taken delivery, will besupplied pre-configured to Network Rail’s requirements and with leather cases. The order also includes250 car chargers.


Hima-Sella is the exclusive agent for Germany-based Funkwerk in the UK, giving users access to thefull focX® range of GMS-R radios (which in addition to railfocX® also includes shuntfocX® anddualfocX®) and a comprehensive range of accessories.


Shaw concludes: “We’re also gearing up to become a full service centre. In addition to preconfiguringand customising focX® GSM-Rs as part of the order process we’ll also be able to offer repair servicesand replacements, in the event of loss/damage.


This press release was issued on behalf of Hima-Sella by Declaration Limited. If you have any editorial enquiriesin relation to this press release please contact Richard Warrilow on +44 (0)1522 789000 or via email( Please also contact Declaration if you require any articles, case-studies, commentsor any other forms of editorial copy.

Please contact Kathryn Bird on +44 (0)161 429 4500 or via email ( in relation to alladvertising and sponsorship matters.


About Hima-Sella - Established in 1974 as Sella Controls, the company was appointed agent for HIMA Paul Hildebrandt for safetysystem products in 1983; and became Hima-Sella Ltd in 1994. In 2001, Hima-Sella received the first ever CASScertificate - awarded for functional safety management in accordance with IEC 61508.

Today, Hima-Sella is recognised as a market leader in ‘engineered solutions’ for safety, control and automationapplications in the oil & gas, petrochemical, rail, steel and power industries. Current services include completelyintegrated systems, panel building, sub assemblies, product development and on-site support.

The company is an active member of First Point Assessment Limited (FPAL, the industry database from whichthose operating in the oil and gas industries select their contractors and suppliers); Link-Up – the standarddatabase from which companies in the rail sector select their contractors and suppliers; and the JointQualification Scheme (JQS, the prerequisite for suppliers to the oil industry in Norway and Denmark, as used bythe top 20 oil companies in those countries). Hima-Sella is also a member of several associations and industrybasedcouncils, including the Energy Industries Council, the Institute of Measurement & Control, the NuclearIndustry Association and the Railway Industries Association, keeping the company up to date with the changesin legislation and standards.


Recent multi-million pound contracts won by Hima-Sella are (in the oil & gas sector) the upgrade of criticalsafety equipment in Norway, at the world’s third largest liquid petroleum gas (LPG) processing plant, and (inthe rail sector) the design and supply of systems to control which doors open on trains that are longer than theplatforms they serve. This latter contract was awarded by Metronet Rail SSL (now owned by London Underground).

Also, Hima-Sella is renowned for its ability to respond quickly to industry events with practical solutions. Forexample, following the explosion of storage tanks at the Buncefield fuel storage depot in 2005, and recognisingan industry-wide need for a system to reduce the risk of similar incidents occurring, Hima-Sella developed atank overfill protection solution (TOPS); which has now been adopted as an integral safety feature at a numberof fuel depots.


The company is headquartered in Stockport and has regional offices in Leicestershire and Aberdeen. In total,Hima-Sella employs more than 100 full-time personnel and has a turnover in excess of £10million. The company’squality management system has been approved to BS EN ISO 9001 since 1989. For more information contact:Hima-Sella Ltd, Carrington Field St, Stockport, Cheshire. SK1 3JN. UK. Tel: +44 (0) 161 429 4500.

About Funkwerk - Based in Kölleda near Erfurt, Funkwerk AG (ISIN DE0005753149) develops, produces and markets solutionorientedcommunication and information systems used in vehicles, transport and other companies andinstitutions. With its four segments Traffic & Control Communication (communication, management andinformation systems for transport and industry), Automotive Communication (communication equipment forvehicles), Enterprise Communication (telecommunication solutions, networks and data integrity forcompanies), and Security Communication (personal security, video monitoring, property protection), Funkwerkoccupies a strategically excellent position in future markets. Further information on Funkwerk AG is availableat

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